Friday, July 29, 2011

Help the helpers!

Here at Factor e Farm, words are valuable, but pale in comparison to action. When something needs to be done, it is imperative that it happen sooner rather than later. This is especially the case when it comes to the geologic survey work I am beginning out here, as it is of prime importance to meeting the development timetable so that we can bring build the new 4000 square foot workshop where the new phase of prototypes will be completed, thanks to many incredibly generous individuals that have given their money, time, and passions to do the good work that is going on out here and on the internet. Now it is your turn to help us help the world by allowing the work on the GVCS to continue. Right now, we at Factor e Farm need your help in procuring the needed survey tools to ensure that the new workshop and housing units for the people out here are the best they can possibly be. So please, if you find it in your heart to please help us help the disenfranchised, the impoverished, and those that do not have the tools to help themselves. With your support, we will not stop working until hunger does not exist, and everyone can have the life that they both need and deserve, and we propel Mankind into a new age where every voice is heard and every heart is content.
To donate to funding the geologic tool kit, please view this Amazon wishlist.
If you are not able to purchase a complete item, please feel free to donate by gift card.  Once you haved decided how much you can help, feel free to contact me @ or call 972-533-8857. If I miss your call, I will return it as soon as possible. Remember, every bit helps! Thanks so much in helping us achieve a better tomorrow!
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